IMG_5451 Jerich T. Farr


'Basically when I was younger, I really didn't love bikes like today. I always play video games and stayed at home a lot. When I got a little older my dad used to take me with him to watch his races. I started with cross country until my dad let me try downhill.I didn't like it at first cause I had a bad crash my time I tried it. So I stopped riding bikes until I was 11. From then on, that was the start of my mountain bike career. '

IMG_5447 Jerich T. Farr


2016 National championships - 2nd place men elite  2016 4th Atong cup - 2nd place men elite  2016 southern Tagalog rush - 1st place men elite  2016 Nueva Ecija Scom downhill challenge - 1st place men elite  2016 22nd Asian mountain bike championships - 12th place men elite 2015 Asean cup round 1 - 2nd place Men elite category  2015 Drop National series round 1 - 2nd place men elite category  2015 Fox national series - 2nd place men elite category  2015 Drop national series round 2 - 2nd place men elite category  2015 fox national series round 2 - 2nd place men elite category  2015 Narvacan downhill challenge - 2nd place men elite category  2015 Narvacan Enduro challenge - 1st place men elite  2015 1st Bataan downhill challenge - 2nd place men elite category  2015 Asean cup Round 3 - 1st place men elite category  2015 Asian Mountain bike championships - 6th place men elite category 2014 Specialized national series rd. 1 - 1st place men elite  2014  Specialized national series rd. 2 - 1st place men elite  2014 Specialized national series rd. 3 - 2nd place men elite  2014 20th Asian mountain bike championships - 3rd place men elite 2014 terry larrazabal - 2nd place men elite